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You can see in the below some of our projects detail;

Saudi Hollandi Bank - Loan Calculator

About Project

Is web-based application developed to serve bank customers, it calculate the maximum loan amount and installment plan based on predifined criteria and forumlas, the application based on bank requirements distinguish different loan types:

  • Personal Finance
  • Home Finance
  • Loan Transfer

The application has an admin-console to modify the loan formula criteria, minimum requirements and installment forumla, the application is built using open-source technology and Oracle DB engine with JBoss seam framework and deployed on IBM-websphere application server


About Project

NAQEL is a web-based applicatoin developed for general directorate of passports, The system handle tranfer requests and new assignments requests, and use a well structured evaluation system based on the following criteria;

  • Assignment History
  • Ranking
  • Rewards & Penalties
  • Vacancies
  • Security Check & Evaluation
  • Criteria weight

Based on the vacanies and defined criteria the requests are prioritized and a distribution plan is propsed then approved.

Khibrat Real Estate Management - Real Estate Maps REDM

About Project

Is web-based application developed to manage real-estate data based on google maps, the system defines the area by drawing boundries on google maps then create the corresponding metadata to the maps and store those information, comprehensive reports and data mining demonestrate the history or ownership chain, remarks and other iformation on the real-estate land.

Saudi Telecom Company - ADBNT Smart Integration Solution

About Project

ADBNT is an integration solution to connect 3rd party wayfinding solution with Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Active Directory.

The system scans a specific system folder to check its contents and extract a corresponding XML file, all the input folder, output folder, scan frequency and files names are configured by configuration file.

We are a Digital Web Agency

focused on Your Needs

We are a creative agency located in Istanbul, Turkey.
We are building solutions for your business.

Planning & Strategy

We are working together, understanding your needs and developing a digital business strategy.

Branding & Design

We are giving you great user interfaces designed by professionals.

Web Design & Development

We are developing web-based software small to high complexity.

APP Design & Development

We are developing web-based software small to high complexity.

We Offer Well Designed
High Quality Business Solution

Virtual Event Solution

We developed virtual event system who wants to create great digital event experience for their attendee.

Ecommerce System

We have experience all ecommerce process software, marketing, user interface, user experience, customer support... We can support any level you need.


We are developing websites mid-range complexity to high according to your needs and our contribution.

Web Based Applications

We developed web based applications for company's HR needs.

P2P Service Mobile Applications

We developed a mobile platform for service providers and customers.

Game Development

We are working on mobile games from different categories.

Why Magenta Arts

We believe we can produce great business solutions for your needs.

Doing with Passion

We want to build long-term relationships with our customers, while creating reliable, sustainable systems, passion is key.

Project Management

While understanding your needs and working on your solutions we are following international project standarts.

Support & Service

We are here for your business needs, after project delivered phase we are serving high quality support and services.



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